Who is . . . "Blonde Blues"
Cindy Adamsvocals
Jeremy Smithguitar & vocals
Rick Sillerkeyboard & vocals
Michael Martinbass & vocals
Jeff Lottdrums

Energetic, new generation influence for the Blues

The "Blonde" is Cindy Adams.

A singer whose as powerful as Grace Slick, yet has the passion & emotion of Stevie Nicks! Cindy excels in her songwriting ability, with a new Rock/Blues backbone and lyrics that always tell a story!

The "Blues" is one of the best, high energy bands in the Southeast! The perfect blend of traditional and new generation musicians.

"Blues Blues", Stretching the Boundaries of the Blues and not afraid to “Envision Nu Blues”!

The evolution of Blonde Blues, came about through a time of trial and error, hope of possibilities, and a need to leave something significant of themselves. Michael Martin, manager/promoter and drummer/bass player, started the band specifically with Cindy Adams in mind. Her mainstream/gospel background, and her song writing that always tells a story, was perfect for the Rock/Blues genre.

The band started out a foursome, Cindy Adams-vocals, Michael Creech-guitar&vocals, Michael Martin-bass&vocals, and Marty McCall drums. This worked great, putting a special spin on unique covers with Cindy’s strong vocals and Michael’s guitar driven leads. Cindy was inspired, she had the band to make her original songs came to life! Just when all was going forward, 2 live CD’s produced, life curcumstances forced the band to replace Michael Creech and Marty McCall. Having to use different guitarist set the band back and then the Lord sent a great keyboardist, Rick Siller, with a tremendous blues and jazz background. Rick was committed to the same vision of Cindy and Michael Martin; produce unique, original music that would endure the times. With Ross Osteen on guitar & vocals and Spencer Wynn on drums, the band embarked on their first studio release. Under time constraints and drummer Spencer moving to California, 11 songs were recorded at Blantone Music studios in one day! The material was tight, it was exciting and gratifying and everyone gave it all they had! A special project came to life, a mix of traditional and rock blues, with a little mainstream feel. A new Generation of Blues, “Envision Nu Blues”!

Out of this CD, “Satisfied” provided a video, filmed by DownPoorPictures, which is currently being shown on YouTube and at film festivals.

The current band is made up of differing ages, which brings the past and the present together in an unusual way. There is no lack of energy with 26 year old Jeff Lott on drums, and 27 year old Jeremy Smith on guitar&vocals. Both are music majors and bring a great influence of the present music scene. Here again, Cindy has what she needs to move forward on that stack of original songs in her notebook. Blonde Blues next CD is in the works, with more stories from Cindy and preserving the traditional, yet stretching the boundaries of the “Blues”!

It is important to Blonde Blues that they own who they are and go with what musically and lyrically comes forward. Hearing their songs on the radio, creates a smile and a pause everytime!

"Blonde Blues" is high energy!
"Chicago Electric Blues" @ its Best!